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Collaborative Family Solutions, LLC, a leading mental health treatment organization, was founded with the intention to provide individuals and families with quality personalized mental health treatment in an environment that fosters collaborative communication, compassion, security, honesty, and empowerment.


Our Services

We provide mental health care through modalities of individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and telehealth sessions. Animal-assisted therapy, trauma treatment, workshops, and professional consultation are also available.

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What is Therapy?

People often embark into mental health treatment with a misconceived notion of what therapy entails and what to expect. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there are some industry standards you should be aware of before you begin.

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Monthly Tidbits

In an effort to continue with our mission in providing quality mental health treatment to everyone, I have dedicated time into publishing valuable insights from my experience as both a professional and a parent.

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Our Practice

Collaborative Family Solutions is a single practitioner private practice specializing in anxiety and trauma treatment in children, adolescents, adults, and families.


If you never give up, you will always succeed.

— Kathryn J.


Tokens of Gratitude

My holistic down-to-earth approach provides a healing space that is comfortable, light, fun, and collaborative.