Happy Clients: Testimonials & Letters


The following tokens of gratitude are reminders that no matter what our struggles are, with hard work, we can overcome them. Change can happen and change can be Beautiful.

 I would like to also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the following clients who took the time to writer letters at the end of treatment. I cherish these reminders.


In an effort to protect confidentiality any identifiable information has been removed from the letters, including clients full names. 


"I wasn't born to self destruct. It's not me" -S.


I came to you and hated therapy, as you probably know. All I wanted to do was rant about how much I didn’t need it and how it wasn’t helping. It was not helping because I didn’t let it. You kept me talking though. You let me rant about everything and let me figure it out for myself that I don’t want a life where I can’t live. I wasn’t born to self destruct. It’s not me. You saw me when I was at my worst and you saw the transformation into my best. I want you to know that you really did make me look at things differently. I wouldn’t have made such a transformation if you didn’t analyze what I was saying and see right through my bullshit. I could lie to you even if I wanted to though. I wanted deep down for somebody to just listen and that’s what you did. Until I heard myself say things out loud it made me see how much of a fake life I was living. I was able to call myself out on my bullshit. I couldn’t do that before and I was convinced that I could live everyday doing the same thing that kept me sick. Now I can say that I’m actually grateful and realize how strong I actually am. I'm so happy I got it through my head that I don’t need to live that way and I don’t want to. Thank you so much, Kat. You will always mean so much to me and I want you to keep doing your job the way you do because if you can help me, then you can help anybody.

16 yo, S.

To Kat,

I don’t know how you do what you do, but you’re amazing- your patience, your grace, wisdom, perseverance and composure, and compassion! Thank you so much for helping T. see the beauty within her and to see her true strength and value. Thank you so much for helping me be a better mother to T., J., and M.

Mother, L.B.

"Today I will choose joy" - K.


Thank you so much for helping me. I looked forward to seeing you every week. I enjoyed doing all the work you assigned me. Personifying trauma helped me so much. My prayer  made me feel content and I felt like I had closure. I had trouble writing my negative thoughts about my abusive boyfriend, but I’ll never forget the dream I had that night. You taught me the power of writing my feelings and thoughts. I have never felt so much self love in my life. I learned to love and respect myself with your help. Ill never forget about you and all you did for me. Thank you so much for working with me. I was truly blessed to meet someone like you. You are compassionate and relatable. I never felt so comfortable talking to someone before. Thank you for helping me find my self beauty and my self love. That’s a priceless gift.

 18 yo, K.


Thank you for all your help and encouragement with K. This is such a difficult time in her life. People like you she will remember and hopefully make the changes she needs to do. Thank you.

Mother, L.A.

Our family worked with Kat Jordan during a time when our son was going through difficulties with sneaking things, hiding homework and slips meant for home, and hiding food wrappers.  We also had the added challenge of adjusting from a one parent household to a two parent household at the age of 9. Knowing that a child's personality is already formed by this age, we knew, as parents, that we would have to parent slightly differently than what we knew.  

Working with Kat was always easy.  Kat was caring, empathetic, yet firm in her delivery of messages to our son and us.  Our son has struggled with sharing his true feelings as it relates to his environment, which made this a difficult area for all of us to navigate through.  Kat had a great way of connecting with him on a level where he felt safe to share.  Kat did a wonderful job of including us all in group therapy sessions that helped all of us try new approaches and discourage ones that might not have been effective in our home. 

During our time with Kat we experienced a noticeable shift in behavior.

If you are considering using the services of an adolescent or family therapist, consider Kat.  She is professional, well-intentioned, and truly an asset to anyone she works with!

Father, R.S.

"You taught me it's okay to be powerless, that it does not make me weak." -S.

Dear Kat,

We cannot thank you enough for all of the guidance and support you have given to our family! You have filled our hearts and our lives with healing love, acceptance, patience, honesty, forgiveness, and compassion through all of your work. We are forever filled with gratitude and blessings for all of your help! Love and light.

Parents, N & T

Dear Kat,

Thank you for being the best therapist I could have asked for. I am so lucky to have had as good a therapist as you are. You were deff one of the people I could open up to the most. Thank you so much for giving me amazing work so I could see who I really am again. It was such a gift being able to work with you. Every once in a while I will get a therapist I really like and you were one of them. You were by far my number 1 favorite. I loved all of our conversations we would had, I could talk to you forever about anything. I never felt misunderstood with you, not once. I knew you would never look at me different or judge me different. You taught me it’s okay to be powerless, that is does not make me weak. So thank you for giving me that Gift. I will miss you.

17 yo, S.

"We know that we are all improved through your interventions" -M

Dear Kat,

M. and I are so grateful to have you in our family’s life. Your guidance is extremely helpful. We are so proud of J’s composure and honesty. She’s really making great progress. Her feelings, thoughts, and fears she shared were so important for us to know. It is overwhelming at times for our family, but we know she and we are learning the tools to succeed. Thank you for everything that you do for J and our family. You are a very special person.

 Parents, A & M

Dear Kat,

Thank you for helping me and my family throughout my time here. It means the world. I am so thankful for the advice and help you've given to me and my family! 

15 yo, T

Dear Kat,

How can we begin to thank you for all the time, care, and genuine concern you invested in us and in O? We will be ever indebted to you for kick-starting a process of self-exploration in O and for giving us the larger perspective of her issues as being our issues. We know that we are all improved through your interventions. Many thanks, ever and always.

 Parents, M & R